Pioneers in Carpet Binding Machines

Why NC?


  • NC Machines are built to last a lifetime
  • NC Machines made in the same place they were 60 years ago
  • 24-hour repair service, Same day supply shipping
  • Over 1,200 USA Made edgings available
  • Training video with new machines
  • While Others duplicate we originate
  • USA’s largest & most affordable source for threads & needles
  • NC edgings & most NC machines are USA made
  • We don’t sell DIY Kits, nor do we bind or serge
  • We promote our customers NOT compete with them.
  • No Minimums & No Credit Card Fees


  • Machines that look like NC Machines usually are.
  • We allow others to private label our equipment.
  • NC Machines are equipped with longer lasting parts designed to last a lifetime.
  • NC has the worlds largest supply of tapes, fringes, yarns & supplies in stock & on-line.
  • NC Guarantees 24-hour repair service. Others can't guarantee a week.
  • NC is a 4th Generation Family Owned PROUD USA Manufacturer.
  • Original NC Carpet Binding Machines from the 1950's are still in operation today...


Value Statement:

Here at NC we take pride in being the industry innovator. Since 1953, we've pioneered the flooring trade with new equipment. We will continue to design and develop revolutionary, quality made machinery. NC differentiates itself from others by simply designing and manufacturing our own carpet binding equipment. While others duplicate, we originate.


Why NC Versus Generic Competition?


Would you purchase machinery for your livelihood that isn't the very best?  Would you put your trust in companies that offer knockoffs and compete against you?  Would you be willing to wait days on end for your machine to be repaired? The answers to these questions are obvious, so don't take a chance with your business. You can feel confident trusting NC for precision machinery, 24-hr repair service, same day supply shipping, and over 1200 edgings to choose from.  Perhaps equally important, we don't offer DIY Kits, stick on tapes, and we surely won't offer binding services.  These compete directly with you our valued customers.

When you trust NC for your carpet machinery needs, you can count on a few things. Of most significance, is that we make what we sell. We manufacture our carpet equipment with the highest quality standard in the industry.  We don't copy, we don't private label, and we don't offer gimmick discounts.  If you're looking for reliable equipment & expedient service we're here to offer it and will always be here to deliver it.