Model SBA II
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SBA Automated Sample Carpet Binder

Generates bound samples in seconds

The programmable, automated SBAII applies binding tape to all four edges of any carpet sample and cuts the tail in seconds.  An average operator will complete over 1900 samples in an 8-hour work day. These bobbinless machines are designed to withstand multiple daily shift use.  The laser eye picks up the sample and is ready to sew. The operator simply taps the pedal and turns the sample. The machine will do the rest. All four sides will be bound and cut in seconds.


  • Automated Sample Maker (Bobbinless)
  • Bobbinless: Bind 1000's of samples without changing thread.
  • Generates 1900 bound & cut samples per 8 hr. workday
  • Mohawk has employed 16 units in their plant since 1996.
  • Complete with automated Efka Motor and workstation
  • Laser Eye picks up the sample and instantly engages the machine.
  • Self oiling, chain-lock stitch, auto foot lift
  • Longer lasting parts
  • Binds 3600 feet per hour for regular cove base jobs
  • Availabe 110v or 220v

Model SBA II

NC Automated Sample Binder

Made in the USA & Japan


Binds and cuts over 1900 completed samples in an 8 hour work day.


SBAII Features:

 - Bobbinless automated sample binder
 - The operator taps the pedal and turns the sample
 - Generates over 1900 bound & cut samples/ day
 - The unit is preprogrammed & turnkey on receipt
 - Employed by: Mohawk, Marketing Alliance   


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  • $13,500.00

Tags: Carpet Binder, Heavy Duty, Automated


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TWE6 Tweezers for use with out 81200 class carpet sergers (bent/angled)..

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Built To Last A Lifetime

NC Carpet Binding Machines are available in portable and table model setups. Designed to sew all carpet binding applications, NC Binders made in the USA & Japan and are built to last a lifetime.   The continued quality and durability of NC Carpet Binding Machines can be attributed to various factors.  Since their launch almost 60 years ago, NC binders have been made in the same place and the same way.  Our family’s focus on quality engineering and continuity is what separates us from other units made overseas.  NC’s extensive lineup of carpet binding machines provides the industry with options for all carpet edging applications.
NC Portable Carpet Binding Machines are made with the highest level of integrity in the USA and Japan.  Employ them on the job site, in-house, and most anywhere.  Available in bobbin-type and bobbinless, portable NC Carpet Binding Machines attach carpet binding tapes, rug fringes, serge tapes, and wide border edgings to the carpet border. Original NC portable carpet binders from the 1970's are still in operation to this day.  NC Portable Carpet Binders are built in the same place with the same industrial integrity today as they were in the 1970's. 
Heavy duty NC Table Model Carpet Binders are USA Made and built to last a lifetime. We offer the largest line of carpet binders in the world. NC table models are self-oiling, bobbinless, and allow you to sew thousands of feet without having to change a bobbin. In 1959 NC invented the industry's 1st bobbinless carpet binder.  Since then, we've manufactured over 15 different carpet binders designed to meet the needs of any custom carpet binding workroom.  i.e. 60 feet per minute cove base carpet binder, Automated Sample Carpet Binding Machine, Extra Heavy Duty Sisal Binder.

Our Ultimate Cornering model BAC is designed to bind tough inside corners, radiuses, and 180 degree turns with ease. Made in the USA, this unit is engineered to bind difficult angles much easier than standard carpet binders. The BAC is traditionally employed by aircraft, marine, auto mat, & rv interior workrooms. The BAC is bobbinless, self-oiling, and setup with our 11/4” Poly or Sunbrella Tape attachment.
In 1959 our family designed and manufactured the industry's first bobbinless carpet binder. Since then we've developed carpet binders for all custom carpet applications.   NC Carpet Binding & Equipment is credited with bringing the following carpet binders to market:   Table model bobbinless carpet binder, bobbinless portable carpet binder, twin puller portable carpet binder, auto mat carpet binder, extra heavy sisal binder, automated sample carpet binding machine, mitered cornering carpet binder, 60 feet per minute cove base binder, blind stitch wide border carpet machine, etc.